A Little Red Engine VS. Lucky #27 - Lady Loves Pinstripes A Little Red Engine VS. Lucky #27 - Lady Loves Pinstripes A Little Red Engine VS. Lucky #27 - Lady Loves Pinstripes

A Little Red Engine VS. Lucky #27

In just a few hours, the Yankees host Phillies in the first game of the 2009 World Series.

Here is the pre-series preview:


The Phillies are the reining champs from 2008. For the franchise, winning back to back would be a first but the Phillies would be only the second National League team in the history to accomplish this feat.

The Cincinnati Reds of 75′-76′ earned the label”The Big Red Machine”. Phillies would finally give them some company in the NL record books.

Jimmy Rollins said it better as to the teams goal, “Hopefully, they’ll be calling us the Little Red Machine.”

The Yankees know number 27 proceeds number 26. 26, is currently, the number of titles the New York franchise has won. It is about time to get the Universe a Yankee once again.

Yankee skipper Joe Girardi choose #27 to don his pinstripes, so the goal is no secret. The team wants to give importance to this act for one man. Someone who has given everything and anything to this franchise.

There is no better reason then Mr. George Steinbrenner.

Truly, ‘The Boss’ is like no other. He has rules which are law, he involves himself in all set aspects; no ones job is ever considered safe; and a slogan of nothing other then winning, winning, winning.

Since 1973, critics call it a dictatorship, and in Yankee Universe you are damn right it is. Oddly, at the same time, no one can deny that the ailing owner has served this team from the heart.

The Yankees would not be the most optimal franchise in sports if it were not for Mr. Steinbrenner. The truth is The Boss’s Yankees win and demands respect which is constant.

Mr. Steinbrenner time is taking its toll but certainly not his glory, as The Boss is making the difficult journey from Tampa to the Bronx to support the players.

This would be a beautiful testimony from the team and a well deserved honor for The Boss.


The 2009 World Series has two teams, with more to win for then just merely being the elite athletically.

Both the Yankees and the Phillies truly respect the game, love the game and play the game.

The fans can all only thank them, for bringing the passion back to the game.