3 things Yankees fans need to worry about regarding CC’s injury 3 things Yankees fans need to worry about regarding CC’s injury 3 things Yankees fans need to worry about regarding CC’s injury

3 things Yankees fans need to worry about regarding CC’s injury

English: CC Sabathia

English: CC Sabathia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At the start of the 2012 season, I asked my father, ‘what could be the worst thing to happen to the New York Yankees this season?’

He responded without even taking a breath, “CC Sabathia getting injured.”

So when the news broke, prior to today’s third and final afternoon romp with the Cleveland Indians, that CC Sabathia was being placed on the 15-DL my stomach dropped.

Moments later one of my best buds, who happens to be a very angry Phillies fan at the moment, called and before he could even say hello, I asked him ‘what is the worst news that the Yankees could get?

And he blurted, “CC Sabathia going on the DL.”

I could barely muster the words to tell him that has just come true; and at first he didn’t even believe me.

The Yankees workhorse, who has not been on the DL since 2006 has been diagnosed with Grade 1 strain in his left adductor muscle, which he felt in the fourth inning of his Sunday night start vs. the Mets but didn’t tell the Yankees until yesterday.


1) Don’t’ believe anything that the Yankees front office and managers say about Sabathia’s condition. And do not find any comfort by the fact that Yankees GM Brian Cashman said that the injury is relatively minor. You have to keep in mind that CC is a workhorse. He throws more pitches per game and innings per season than most of his peers. CC has not been on the DL since 2006, which makes me wonder if this injury is worse than the Yankee brass is letting on, as keeping injuries a secret is their MO. The big man certainly hasn’t been himself this season that is for sure. 

2) Even though the Yankees said that CC would only miss two starts due to the All-Star Break being next week, do not take that to the bank. Cashman already said that they might start CC at the back of the rotation when he comes back so that technically would be three, not two starts. And skipper Joe Girardi’s exact words were, ‘‘our belief is that it’s only going to be two starts.” Kind of like how Brett Gardner is still not back on the field?

3) Reality is CC’s absence leaves a door open in the AL East division. After wrapping up the three game set with the Tribe today, the Yankees have three more series until the All-Star break against the Al Central leading Chicago White Sox, the Tampa Bay Rays and finally the Boston Red Sox. The Bombers do have a 4 game lead in the division, which could be 4.5 after today but that is not unwatchable in 12-days. Even though CC has not been his most dominant this season, his presence on the mound is HUGE even when he is off. Freddy Garcia will replace CC and that is a big risk even with his recent success out of the bullpen. Garcia at his best is still very beatable.


Andy Pettitte just had to leave the mound after a hit ball ricocheted off his ankle or lower left leg. The Southpaw threw one more pitched but was in obvious pain. Holy hell is all I can say to this. Let’s just hope this is nothing serious because that would be VERY BIG trouble for the Yankees.

Please excuse me; I have to go puke right now. 


  1. Richard Griffith says:

    Oh NO the shy is falling!!

    It's time for your BFF Phelps and my BFF Hughes to join forces and save the Yankee Universe. I'm not at all concerned with CC and Andy must have a hairline fracture as he does not require surgery. It's a blow but it's time for others to step up ( maybe A-Rod could carry the team for a couple of weeks; wouldn't that be a Story) If we score 6-8 runs a game, does it matter who pitches??

  2. Steve G. says:

    Are you nuts? If you think that the Yankees are in any type of trouble because CC will miss 2 or even 3 starts you should not be writing about baseball. Pettitte being out six weeks is a different story because that is a prolonged absense (although I think it is a blessing in disguise because it will leave him fresh for the playoffs), but the CC situation is nothing more than a minor inconvenience. There are not too many pitchers out there who don't miss a start or two during the year. It is extremely common. What you wrote just goes to show how most Yankee fans are spoiled these days. Most Yankee fans these days latched onto the team in the mid to late 90s, so the majority of what they have seen is near perfection. Older fans like myself fully realize that there are bumps in the road during the marathon that is a MLB season, and minor bumps like this will have little to no effect on who is wins it all in October.

  3. Steve G. says:

    Excuse some of my spelling above. That's what I get for rushing things.