28 Reasons The Yankees Will Repeat 28 Reasons The Yankees Will Repeat 28 Reasons The Yankees Will Repeat

28 Reasons The Yankees Will Repeat

Will the Yankees repeat? Are the defending champs from 2009 good enough to do it again?

Yes, and yes. Here 28 serious, funny and spontaneous reasons why:


  1. The 2010 Yankees are starting out strong from the gate, not taking anything for granted.
  2. Arod recently found relaxed confidence, and it seems here to stay. MVP year??!!!
  3. To keep the tag “Bronx Bombers” for hitting bombs, not bombing.
  4. With a leader like Jeter, how could you not want to win.
  5. Fans are randy for Grandy. Curtis Granderson is that guy you just met, but feel you have known for a lifetime.
  6. The “CORE FOUR” are not done just yet. ONE MORE FOR THE CORE!
  7. Add “FOUR MORE” equally hungry players, in CC, AJ, Swish and Tex, and that’s an excellent eight.
  8. Mr. Steinbrenner deserves another, as the Boss gives to this team unselfishly.
  9. Joba Chamberlain is ultimately where he needs to be, give him time.
  10. CC Sabathia might win his second Cy Young Award.
  11. Rookie catcher Francisco Cervelli is dynamic behind the plate, and his passion is contagious.
  12. Ditto for Brett Garner. Little guy certainly plays with the heart of a lion. Could it be the out-fielding version of Pedroia.
  13. Cano looks primed for the batting title this season.
  14. 2010 pitching rotation is nastier than 2009.
  15. Still have a championship batting line-up.
  16. Nick Johnson could walk the team there.
  17. The Yankees best represent New York City. Sorry Mets fans but let’s be realistic.
  18. Dynasty in Sports = repeating championship wins back to back seasons; or just call the Core Four or Yankees skipper Joe Girardi.
  19. Attitude is everything, and I admire what I see.
  20. They are the New York Yankees.
  21. Fans would do anything to help the team win again, this woman included.
  22. Joe Buck will officially change to a Yanks fan if they repeat. (LOL)
  23. Cashman fit the pieces to this puzzle together perfectly. Trust me, he is not done yet in 2010.
  24. If only to find ESPN’s baseball machine wrong, just like their analysts.
  25. It’s about that time for another century long curse on the Red Sox. The Nation has been confused since 2004 without the pity party.
  26. Joe Girardi changed his jersey from #27 to #28, and seemed to work before.
  27. The players are friends off-the-field, which makes it more than about baseball.
  28. Fact is you can not buy comradeship.



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