2013 New York Yankees: 3 reasons to be very worried - Lady Loves Pinstripes 2013 New York Yankees: 3 reasons to be very worried - Lady Loves Pinstripes 2013 New York Yankees: 3 reasons to be very worried - Lady Loves Pinstripes

2013 New York Yankees: 3 reasons to be very worried

Not so long ago, the MLB offseason was considered one of  the most exciting times for New York Yankee fans.

Francisco Cervelli

Francisco Cervelli (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

There was a time when hot stove headlines were greedily hogged by the Bronx Bombers with news of the team’s latest, big-name acquisition.

Well my friend, those days are long gone, as it is safe to say that I am not confident at all about this 2013 ballclub and anyone who disagrees with this should be considered delusional.

Now, where do I start?

The justification behind my uncertainties are countless, and this post could go on forever. So instead here are three of the most obvious and undeniable reasons all of Yankee Universe should start to lower their expectations pronto.

  1. Injury prone, veteran players tend to get injured as Father Time inevitably creeps up on all of us and baseball players are not immune to this. And the Yankees have a significant number of ‘passed-their-prime’ players who are coming of recent injuries, like Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte whose aliments all required surgery. Also, ace CC Sabathia needed surgery during the off-season to remove bone spurs for his throwing elbow. The everyday catching position battle involved prospect Austin Romine who missed most of 2012 Triple A season after he needing surgery on his lower back; and Francisco Cervelli who has been sidelined due to numerous concussions suffered behind the backstop.
  1. Still searching for a right-handed hitting outfielder/designated-hitter, as the current batting line-up is lefty dominate with the losses of switch-hitting Nick Swisher, Eric Chavez,  Raul Ibanez and with no exact timetable for Alex Rodriguez’s return. Sports Illustrated reported that A-rod is scheduled to have hip surgery on January 16th, and his surgeon said he could return right after the All-Star Break, so sometime in August. Now the Washington Nationals are listening to trade offers on Mike Morse, who posted a .291 batting average, with 18 home-runs and 62 RBIs in 406 at-bats last season. Getting Morse would be a godsend for this team but problem is the Yankees don’t have the players to make this work down on their farm system. Rumors have spread that reliever Boone Logan would be a fit for the Nats but according to the New York Times, the Nats are going to want more for Morse as there are other teams very interested in making this deal as well.
  1. The catching situation is meager at best, as the Yankees let Russell Martin walk which I think will be viewed as a huge loss when looking back on the 2013 season. Fans that were hoping that top prospect Romine would win this pathetic battle will be disappointed, as after reading Yanks Go Yard I learned that Romine will start the season in AAA Scranton, and this is a direct statement from GM Brian Cashman. So, Yankees are left with a concussed Francisco Cervelli who spent last year in the minors and Martin’s back-up Chris Stewart. Stewart is a better option than Cervelli who can be erratic and cannot hit at all; not that Stewart can but he had a few hits in big spots last season and he knows the staff. Also, Sabathia likes Stewart and got to keep the big guy happy.

This is just the tip of the iceberg but plenty to swallow here already.

I will slowly address all the 2013 Yankees foreseeable issues but the three above have the potential to cause serious implications if all does not go well.

Oh and the Yankees might officially cancel Old Timers Day as now fans can get that nostalgic feeling everyday in the Bronx. That was supposed to funny but the joke became a tad scary after re-reading it.



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  1. Heather says:

    Have you actually seen Morse play outfield? As a Yankees fan living in the DC area, I have had the opportunity to see him "roam" left field on a regular basis. He makes Ibanez look speedy and efficient.

  2. Kurt Smith says:

    The Yankees are still a pretty formidable club. They have a strong pitching staff, and quite a few guys that can knock the ball out. However, they are indeed an aging club…which may have something to do with their faltering in the playoffs in recent years. It's a long season. Hard to say…the Blue Jays are now good enough to take the division; but I don't think the O's will be as good this year as they have done little to improve the team, and the Rays lost a good starter in a trade that has future implications. The Red Sox are definitely a wild card, hard to say where they will end up.

    I still have the Yankees finishing second and grabbing a wild card spot.

  3. richard says:

    Last year,, we lost MO (but had Sori) Pettite, A-rod was useless, Martin hit less than .200 for most of the season, CC had issues but we won 95 games. Amazing.

    A team's success starts with and ends with pitching. I like where we are warts and all.

    Now your calling your readers delusional for questioning your stellar judgement???

    • Luke says:

      This "lady" is the delusional one. Shes crazy if she thinks the Yankees won't be right in the middle of it and finish with one of the best records in the AL. They are a veteran team, a extremely talanted veteran team with 3 first ballot hall of famers. Are they going to have to deal with some injuries? Yes but every team does. The middle of our lineup is still going to have Cano, Tex and Grandy along with a full year of Gardner and Ichiro. Our pitching is still going to be CC, Kuroda, Petitte and Hughes, with Robertson and Mo finishing games. Oh yeah and we have Derek freaking Jeter. It might be a older group buts its a talanted group, if you disagree your delusional.

  4. woo says:

    i don't know how all this will work out………. but the yankees are not going 2 roll over and die i think richard hit nail on the head so all you yankees fans get your woo on.thank you wuggiewoo.

  5. D Y says:

    Once a Yankee fan always a Yankee fan – with the right support from die-hard fans and some financial assistance I'm sure this team will be able to revive their glory days of old. Go Yankees!

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  7. Lipozene says:

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