2013 MLB Predictions: Yankees miss October to World Series Champ - Lady Loves Pinstripes 2013 MLB Predictions: Yankees miss October to World Series Champ - Lady Loves Pinstripes 2013 MLB Predictions: Yankees miss October to World Series Champ - Lady Loves Pinstripes

2013 MLB Predictions: Yankees miss October to World Series Champ

Will the Yankees miss the playoff for the second time in 17 seasons?

Who are the six favorites to win their respective division?

Which four teams will be the Wild Cards?

Are the World Series teams both from the West Coast?

How do you predict the 2013 MLB Season will finish up?

Here are my pre-season predictions for the 2013 MLB season all the way to the World Series Champions.

Agree or disagree?


AL West:
Angels – 95-67
Rangers – 87-75
Athletics – 79-83
Mariners – 70-92
Astros – 60-102

AL Central:

Tigers – 93-69
White Sox – 84-78
Royals – 81-81
Indians – 81-81
Twins – 67-95

AL East:
Blue Jays – 90-72
Rays – 89-73
Yankees – 85-77
Red Sox – 82-80
Orioles -80-82


NL West:
Dodgers – 90-72
Giants – 89-73
Padres – 83-79
Diamondbacks 81-81
Rockies – 78-84

NL Central:
Reds – 91-71
Pirates – 83-79
Brewers – 81-81
Cardinals 79-83
Cubs – 71-91

NL East:
Nationals – 90-72
Braves – 84-78
Phillies – 83-79
Mets – 70-92
Marlins – 65-97


LadyLovesPinstripes.com - 2013 MLB Post Season Bracket Prediciton

LadyLovesPinstripes.com – 2013 MLB Post Season Bracket Prediciton


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  1. Stuart Nachbar says:

    I do not agree. I think that the Yankees will make the playoffs again, and lose in the 1st round.

    • LLP says:

      Well Stuart I hope you are right but last year they lost in the ALCS, which is the second round unless you are the Wild Card then it would be the third.

  2. Leonard says:

    I am not sure how you can place Toronto in the top 3 in the American East? I think they will finish 4th!!!

    • LLP says:

      Leonard – if Josh Johnson,Jose Reyes and Jose Bautista can stay health, the Blue Jays will win the AL East. Johnson is sick, Reyes is an upgraded version of Brett Gardner and Bautista's power is ridiculous plus the guy doesn't strikeout like Granderson and he gets walked a ton.
      Oh and they are 29, 29 and 31 respectively. The Jays have the 2012 NL CY Young winner as their #2….that is nuts. I am very afraid of this team because once they get in sync, which might not be till after the All-Star break they will be tough to beat. Regardless, offensively the Yankees are not even in the same league.

  3. Baseballman says:

    You're dreaming if you think the Cardinals will have a losing season! The Yankees will make the playoffs because the Rays will not repeat their success yet again, and Blue Jays aren't ready yet… they still have rotation problems and if Bautista doesn't rebound after last years performance… they are going nowhere!

    • LLP says:

      Baseballman – one question, what "rotation problems" due the Blue Jays have? Josh Johnson – RA Dickey is a legit 1 -2 punch. Plus their offense is way better then the Yankees, they are a lot younger too.

      Rays will not repeat their success? I think the Rays have earned a little more respect as they have repeatedly been successful. They finished with the second-best run differential in the American League last season despite missing the playoffs but they still won 90 games.
      The Rays have the current best closer in baseball, Yunel Escobar has a ton of potential, OF Wil Myers is a monster prospect that is being described as a Trout and Harper type talent who will be brought up sometime this season an lastly the Rays manager Joe Maddon is a magician with the way he strategizes. I could go on but the Ray are a serious contender.
      Hate to say it bu the Yankees are the odd men out heading into 2013.

  4. Jim says:

    Angels don't have enough pitching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LLP says:

      Jim if Pujols and Hamilton both have stellar seasons at the plate the Angels can hit there way. Plus don't forget Mike Trout too. Gosh.. that is a scary trio!
      If you can win off pitching, you can win with dominant hitting too. It can work both ways.

  5. Jeff says:

    Extremely disagree on the al west i know the A's arent a commen pick but to put them under .500 and third in the division is simply uneducated

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