2013 MLB Postseason Predictions: Who did this Yankees fan pick to win?

The 2013 MLB Postseason has officially started, as the starts of the Divisional Series are already underway.

Most baseball nuts, like myself, made their playoff picks days ago.

But as a Yankees fan, the reality of the situation took a little longer to set in.

Calling me a sore loser, spoiled or just in plain denial is fair as it was probably a combination of all three.

Plus there is nothing like heading to the Bronx on the 4-train, and watching Postseason baseball at Yankee Stadium.

Hopefully the Yankees come back with a vengeance like they did in 2009 after not making the 2008 Postseason.

You remember the other time there was no baseball in the Bronx in the last two decades.

Ok I will stop now….here are my 2013 MLB Postseason picks:



As I am watching Game One of the ALDS between the Rays and Red Sox up in Boston, I am starting to second guess my choices.

Look the bottom line is, I am no dummy.

I am well aware of how good Boston has been all season long but I guess I am a textbook Yankees fan because my heart won’t let me pick the Red Sox. My stomach actually gets sick thinking of another World Series Championship being celebrated on 4 Yawkey Way.

Also the Tampa Bay Rays deserve some glory. Their home is a dumpy dome, which is not even in Tampa Bay. In the past years, the Rays had to give away tickets to any playoff games played at Tropicana Field, aka “the Trop.”

The Rays is made up of a bunch of homegrown guys who don’t get the credit they deserve for cementing themselves as legit contenders in the tough AL East division.

Twitter users….please tweet the hashtag #YanksFans4Rays and jump on the Tampa Bay bandwagon for this 2013 Postseason with me.




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