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New York Yankees: Useless Hughes

It is no secret that I am not a Phil Hughes fan. Out of respect I kept my mouth shut over the last three weeks instead of pointing out the obvious that Hughes three wins were against terrible teams, and the Yankees scored 19 runs in those three games combined. In that back of my […]

New York Yankees: Champions cannot only feast on the weak

The New York Yankees are verifying exactly what fans didn’t want to admit, that the Bombers are a sham. Maybe the above is a bit harsh but reality is the 2012 Yankees are really good leaving runners on base and covering it up by feasting on weaker teams to stay in reaching distance in the […]

New York Yankees: Gardner has rocky road before returning

New York Yankees speedster Brett Gardner has only played in nine games this season, as he has been on the DL since April 18th with an injured right elbow. Originally, the Yankees had hoped to get Gardner back on May 10th but he felt stiffness in his elbow just hours before his return to the […]

New York Yankees: Snoozing not scoring

After feasting on the Royals, and then sweeping an even weaker ball club in Oakland over this Memorial Day weekend, the New York Yankees headed to Anaheim to face the Angels with a five game winning streak. Well, the Yankees fought for eight innings but unfortunately there are nine innings in a baseball game. The […]

The New York Yankees want you to run for cancer

JOIN THE LINEUP AND SUPPORT CANCER RESEARCH AT THE RUNYON 5K AT YANKEE STADIUM, AUGUST 12 NEW YORK, MAY 4, 2012 — While the New York Yankees take on the Blue Jays in Toronto on August 12, thousands of baseball fans, runners, cancer survivors, and supporters will gather at Yankee Stadium for the fourth annual […]

2012 MLB Power Rankings – Week 7

Does baseball get any better than this? It is a quarter of the way through the 2012 season, and the divisional races, along with inter-league play has provided plenty of drama. Teams are still emerging, injuries are never-ending and the Orioles and Nationals seem to be really for real. Over the month of June fans […]