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Will the Bronx Bombers be standing come October?

Where will the Bronx Bombers, and the 29 other teams be standing come October? Do you know how each division will look at the end of the 2012 MLB season? Well, I guess it is the perfect time to make some predictions, so might as well start with mine. Here is how I think the […]

2012 MLB Team Preview: Minnesota Twins

The Minnesota Twins plunged to the bottom of the AL Central in 2011 finishing with a 63-99 record, which was the second worst in baseball. In 2010, the Twins won 94 games and captured their second-straight American League Central title, which is why last season’s fall, came unexpectedly. It just seemed like everything in Minnesota went […]

2012 MLB Team Preview: Atlanta Braves

Heading into 2011, the Atlanta Braves were a championship caliber team and played that way for the first five months of the season. The Braves were the NL’s version of the Red Sox, arriving in September with an 8.5 game lead for the wild card only to blow it and land in a jam. The […]

New York Yankees: 3 pitching scenarios maybe 4

The New York Yankees have some pitching situations to solve. I have narrowed it down to three or four possibilities based on what I believe the 2012 Opening Day rotation should be, which in order is Sabathia, Kuroda, Pineda, Nova and Hughes. First being the plethora of starting pitching. That leaves Freddy Garcia hanging out […]

2012 MLB Team Preview: Toronto Blue Jays

For the fourth consecutive year, the Toronto Blue Jays finished in fourth place in the AL East in 2011 and continue to be a .500 team. In 2011, the Jays knocked in 186 homers, the fifth best in the Majors; and their 743 run total was the sixth most. The team’s batting average was .249 […]

New York Yankees: What would you do if you were Girardi and Rothschild

The New York Yankees have CC Sabathia, Hiroki Kuroda, Michael Pineda, Ivan Nova, Phil Hughes, Freddy Garcia and now Andy Pettitte, which leaves them with the same problem that trading AJ Burnett was supposed to solve, seven starters for five rotation spots. It is tough to complain about being overloaded with starting pitching especially after the Yankees had the opposite issue last spring, but it will be […]