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New York Yankees Hot Stove: Patience Got Pineda

The New York Yankees quiet off-season just got loud, as GM Brian Cashman finally dropped the hot stove hammer by reinforcing the starting rotation, and reaffirming the Yankees ‘winning now’ mantra. The word came via the Associated Press that Cashman had traded for pitching phenom Seattle Mariners Michael Pineda, as well as inked a one-year, […]

New York Yankees: 8 Headlines You Don’t Want To See In 2012

Whether you read it in the local newspaper; watch it on ESPN’s Sportscenter or MLB Network’s Quick Pitch; or hear it on Mad Dog Radio, there are certain words like setback, injury, slump, suspension that a fan immediately knows means trouble. Not one of the 30 MLB teams is devoid of issues over the course of the 162-game regular […]

New York Yankees Hot Stove: How To Be Insanely Sane By Doing Nothing

Since winning the 2009 World Series, the New York Yankees have been desperately trying to add a legitimate starting pitcher to the rotation, unsuccessfully. THROWING A HAIL MARY: As defending champs heading into 2010 season, GM Brian Cashman’s solution was Javier Vazquez, again, which irritated Yankee fans to no avail, again. No need to chat […]

New York Yankees: Rivera’s Retirement…Really Rob?

On the heels of the news, via WFAN’s Sweeny Murti tweet, that New York Yankees Jorge Posada was retiring, reading the headline “Rivera will decide on retirement by spring training,” made me want to puke. That headline came from an article by Rob Abruzzese over at the uber-popular Bronx Baseball Daily, also a personal favorite blog that […]

New York Yankees: Not Today It is Tebow Time

ESPN’s First Take host Skip Bayless, whom I adore, has been in Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow‘s corner since day one. Admittedly, I have not been on the Tebow bandwagon yet and still am not aboard, but you cannot deny that this guy is inspiring to watch. Just read this recent Tebow article on FOX SPORTS that […]

New York Yankees: Who Said It Was Easy To Wave Adios

Even in the wake of New York’s football Giants trouncing of the Atlanta Falcons 24-2 to advance to the next round in the NFL playoffs, I couldn’t shake this sense of loss from the back of my mind. I knew what it was, and it didn’t even come as a shock when earlier in the […]