2012 MLB Power Rankings – Week 9 2012 MLB Power Rankings – Week 9 2012 MLB Power Rankings – Week 9

2012 MLB Power Rankings – Week 9

There are usually, one or two moments by now that will bore me during a regular MLB season.

Well, not in 2012, as this might be the most exciting season in decades.

There are so many great teams it is crazy.

The AL and NL East’s are as good as it gets but the two Central divisions are certainly not as easygoing as originally forecasted.

Yankee-haters are probably steaming because the aging Bombers don’t stink anymore, as Andy Pettitte and Derek Jeter prove that age is just a number.

The Braves have been diagnosed as bi-polar, while the Phillies need to stop crying about injuries and start playing baseball like they are capable of.

Another surprise team is the Pirates, and the Chicago White Sox are proving to be the most perfectly balanced group without Ozzie.

With a week of inter-league play coming up things are only going to get more interesting.

Here are my weekly rankings….ENJOY!

Week 9 #1-15

Week 9 #16-30


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