2012 MLB Power Rankings – Week 8

And the baseball drama continues, as no division is safe in the 2012 season.

Competition is ridiculously fierce, but the injuries are getting out-of-hand.

Teams have to continue on without their stars, like the Phillies sans ace Roy Halladay; the dominating Dodgers without their dominator Matt Kemp; and the Cardinals add Lance Berkman to the list of reigning Champs on the DL.

June is looking to be even more exciting as the Yankees of the East and the Halos of the West are back in the mix; and the White Sox are finally playing like they were supposed to last season.

Hey better late than never…right?

Well, I will not hold you in suspense any longer, so here is where your team landed in LLP’s 2012 MLB power rankings for week 8.


Lady Loves Pinstripes - MLB Power Rankings - Week 8 - #1-15

Lady Loves Pinstripes - MLB Power Rankings - Week 8 - #16-30