2012 MLB Power Rankings – Week 2 2012 MLB Power Rankings – Week 2 2012 MLB Power Rankings – Week 2

2012 MLB Power Rankings – Week 2

The 2012 MLB season is still so young and you can bet that these rankings will look a lot different come June.

So far, in just two weeks this season is already surpassing baseball fans expectations as the competition is at an all time high.

Here are how things are looking at the end of Week 2…..wonder where your team ranked?


And feel free to disagree….

1 Texas Rangers Won 6 in a row; 9-1 in last 10. 5
2 Detroit Tigers Close second. 1
3 St. Louis Cardinals Who needs Albert when you got Freese? 3
4 Los Angeles Dodgers Owners brought some Magic, literally. 9
5 New York Yankees Yanks are just warming up. 4
6 Arizona Diamondbacks Ian Kennedy is the real deal. 6
7 Tampa Bay Rays Sweeping of Yanks finally wearing off. 2
8 Washington Nationals Marlins & Dodgers are coming…oh my. 11
9 Toronto Blue Jays Kyle Drabek looking a little like Roy Halladay. 10
10 Atlanta Braves Jones returns and team gets chipper. 22
11 New York Mets Mets fans feeling amazin’ again, watch out. 16
12 Philadelphia Phillies WANTED Ryan Howard, we are behind the Mets. 8
13 Los Angeles Angels Still waiting to click as a team. 7
14 Boston Red Sox Valentine’s Day is not a holiday in Beantown. 13
15 Milwaukee Brewers Bats are doing well but sloppy defense is unacceptable. 17
16 Miami Marlins Drama is settling…back to baseball again. 20
17 Baltimore Orioles Halos will test if the O’s are for real. 18
18 Chicago White Sox Finding themselves but tested Tigers. 23
19 Cincinnati Reds Is the little red machine breaking broken? Mediocrity doesn’t win games. 12
20 Seattle Mariners Thank you Yankees, we love your prospects. 19
21 San Francisco Giants Things have gone from freaky to scary. 14
22 Minnesota Twins M & M boys have played for two weeks with no DL stint. 27
23 Colorado Rockies Age before beauty. 26
24 Oakland A’s Yoenis Cespedes could really help a good team. 28
25 Cleveland Indians 1-4 at home?? Come on boys… 21
26 Kansas City Royals Falling fast in their own house. Regretting Zack Greinke trade now…?? 15
27 Pittsburgh Pirates Waiting for Burnett to revive them…with his bat. 24
28 Houston Astros Imagine this team in the AL? 2013…yikes! 29
29 Chicago Cubs Still rebuilding, is Epstein the messiah? 25
30 San Diego Padres You have to hit the ball in baseball. 30