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NL MVP To Ryan Braun Screw You Matt Kemp

The BBWAAvoters really screwed up this time. I mean the AL MVP debate was at least passable, but everybody knew who the NL MVP for the 2011 season was going to be. It would seem that the BBWAA’s blunders are coming from letting their wishes interpret all duties by having an open mind. It was […]

New York Yankees: Granderson, Cano, CC, Tex, Houdini All On MVP List

Much to my dismay (click HERE to read why) , I obviously still extend my sincerest of CONGRATULATIONS to Detroit Tiger ace, and recent CY Young receipt Justin Verlander for being named the 2011 Most-Valuable-Player. There was no question that Verlander was the best pitcher across baseball this past season. Verlander finished the regular season […]

New York Yankees: MVP To Granderson, Honorable Mention To Verlander

With the announcement of the 2011 AL MVP Award just hours away, the endless debate still continues about who is the rightful winner. The  reason for all the hoopla is that Detroit Tiger, and recent crowned CY Young winner Justin Verlander has a good chance of taking the coveted annual award home later today. So, […]

New York Yankees Hot Stove: Why Yu Do Not Belong In The Bronx

The rumor mill is buzzing about the New York Yankees growing interest in signing Japan’s latest pitching phenom named Yu Darvish. My guess, or hope is that the truth behind these rumors is more media driven than Yankee; and here are four reasons why: 1) When an MLB team wants to acquire a Nippon Pro […]

New York Yankees Hot Stove: We Want Tim Tebow

Obviously the New York Yankees have not literally signed Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, but that is only because he is not available at the moment. Tebow is to busy winning football games in the most unconventional ways, at least until now. After Tebow’s 2-8 in passing performance last Sunday vs. Kansas City Chiefs, I was […]

New York Yankees Hot Stove: Why Not Ryan Madson

In case you missed reading the NY Post earlier this week, ex-Boston Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon inked a 4-year, $50 million dollar deal with the Philadelphia Phillies. Papelbon didn’t waste any time getting the heck out of Beantown, but who can blame him? A good bet would be the newly ex-Phillies free agent closer […]