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Andy Pettitte Retires: Can the New York Yankees Win Without Him in 2011?

The news no New York Yankee fan wanted to hear came today, as pitcher Andy Pettitte is hanging up his pinstripes. Not only is this a sad day because Pettitte is a legend, but it marks the end of an era, as fans will never see the Yankees‘ “Core Four” play together again. Where does […]

MLB Breaking News: Michael Kay Tweets Andy Pettitte Is In New York To Announce Retirement

Yes, it is true. New York Yankees Southpaw Andy Pettitte will announce his retirement at Yankee Stadium tomorrow, February 4. This is according to ESPN’s Michael Kay who twittered, “I have learned that Andy Pettitte will officially retire tomorrow. Mote details to come….Michael” This is sad news for Yankee fans and the franchise, as Pettitte […]

MLB Rumors: Andy Pettitte’s Top 9 Motivations To Return Mid-Season Rather Than Retire

New York Yankee Southpaw Andy Pettitte is turning into MLB’s humbler version of Brett Favre. Pettitte differs from Favre because he not had a press conference for every thought that goes on in his head; Pettitte has not had one at all. Clearly, the ace is struggling to give up his job instead of making […]