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New York Yankees: 3 Yankee Youths Make MLB Network’s “Top 50 Prospects”

Last night, Tuesday January 25, 2011, the MLB Network Special analyzing the 2011 “Top 50 Prospects” aired, and just three New York Yankee minor leaguers made the cut. Making the list… PLAYER MUST HAVE ROOKIE STATUS TO BE ELIGIBLE (To qualify for rookie status, a player must not have exceeded 130 at-bats or 50 innings […]

New York Yankees: ESPNw Uses The Bombers In Pathetic Attempt To Be Get Popular

With a tad under two weeks before Superbowl XLV and a lack of sports news to report, ESPN finds some time to get their new w-brand some readers. Without much breaking news to report, the easiest answer is to create some, right? That is the only justifiable answer for why ESPN had a statement made […]