The 2011 New York Yankees Team Was Built To Win This WS The 2011 New York Yankees Team Was Built To Win This WS The 2011 New York Yankees Team Was Built To Win This WS

The 2011 New York Yankees Team Was Built To Win This WS

With each fleeting game, my attempts not to notice the absence of the 2011 New York Yankees in the World Series is wearing thin.

The more I watch the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals play, the more I realize that the 2011 Bombers were truly molded to win this postseason.

With only five games down and at most two left to play, the Rangers are looking to close this WS out after taking a 3-2 lead over the Cardinals. The Rangers won this unexciting Game 5 by a score of 4-2.

When this revelation really dawned on me was after viewing the Rangers and Cardinals make a slugfest dull in Game 3, that the Yankees could have beaten both these teams. I mean the Bombers beat the Rangers 7-2 in regular season games, and even if the Rangers win the whole shebang, I am still not buying it.

I recognize how totally outlandish this theory is based on the Yankees early exit from the ALDS, as they lost a heart wrenching Game 5 to the Tigers but that was the Bombers at their worst.

The Yankees bats were all out of sorts because when a team has one or two opportunities to tie a game and fail that is getting outplayed. It is different when a team strands a total of 12 men on base, as that my friend is choking.

By no means am I taking away from the Tigers performance, as Detroit was playing at the top of their game. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that the Yankees were not.

So, how can I say that an eliminated team is built to win the World Series?

Well, anyone with a brain would realize that the Rangers and Cardinals are not winning off dominant starting pitching; instead they are disarming opponents with their powerful bats and shutdown bullpens.

And what were the Yankees biggest strengths all season long, hitting and relief pitching.

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The Yankee hitters had the most home-runs with 222 and walks with 627 in baseball during the regular season; they ranked second

in both RBIs with 836, and runs with 867. Even the bottom of the batting order did not give a pitcher room for the slightest error and that is after having to pitch through Jeter, Granderson, Teixeira, A-rod and Cano.

And the Yankees bullpen had the second most saves in the AL with 47; gave up the second least amount of runs with 183; held batters to a .239 average which ranked third lowest and landed fifth in total strikeouts with 450. Also, no one can argue that the Yankees David Robertson wasn’t the best set-up man, or 8th inning arm in the game, as he was by a long shot.

Maybe if this World Series featured one exciting team I wouldn’t be day dreaming so much because the Yankees did shit-the-bed when it mattered most.

Last season the San Francisco Giants were fun to watch, even if the majority of the country didn’t agree. I think most baseball fans would concur that this year lacks luster and about everything else.

You know there is problems when listening to Joe Buck confess his love for Michael Young is the more exhilarating than the two teams playing; also I think McCarver nodded-off for a second there during Game 4.

Ok, that is enough of my could-a, should-a or would-a because the Yankees didn’t and I am fine with keeping baby in the corner.

This could be my official goodbye to 2011 season (but not promising anything), as I think anyone with a pulse is looking forward to 2012. Honestly, I love watching the World Series, but for the first time I took a break opting for some Sunday NFL games, and my G-men had a bye-week so that is bad.

Look, I expect lots to go on this off-season, which for me involves beseeching the rich teams owners’ to spend enough money so the World Series gets it swagger back again; please note this message is for the Red Sox, Phillies, Angels, Dodgers, either of the Chicago teams (or Marlins now), the Mets (yea right!)…. but all pending that God-forbid the Yankees choke-it-up again. I am joking…kind-of!!



  1. Mike says:

    Almost any team playing at their best can will 11 games and win a world series. They were eliminated because they were out played by the Tigers. Why don't you go complain to the 2001 Mariners who won 116 games and then got knocked out in the ALCS by the Yankees.

    • Kate says:

      The Tigers didn't out play the Yankees, they played like the Tigers play. The Yankees did not preform at their normal level….fact is the Yankees were the better team. That does not mean the Yankees deserved to win, it was not their day. The Tigers barely beat the Yankees in each game they won, when the Yankees had a slugfest and ironically some magic from AJ Burnett, which was great to see.

      • Mike says:

        When one team performs and the other doesn't and loses they were out played. Being the better team has nothing to do with it. They Yankees had a stronger offence, but held in check enough to be beat. A win is a win, be it by one run or ten runs.

  2. Mike says:

    Also I think the the 2 teams playing in the world series are very interesting. We get to see an underdog team of sorts (with the best player in baseball so maybe not so much of an underdog) but certainly a team that probably shouldn't be in the playoffs, and a Texas team that has never won a World Series Title and is back to try for the second year in a row. It's had a good mix of hitting and some stellar timely pitching (and La Russa's odd bullpen use). The broadcasting sucks mostly because the announcers are the same stale, washed up fox broadcasters that have been covering the world series. No one needs to hear Joe Buck and his lack of real baseball knowledge any longer, or McCarver babbling on and on about something no one will understand.

  3. Mike says:

    Finally I think it is foolish to say no one can argue that Robertson wasn't the best 8th inning man in the game. He put together a great and consistent season. Also see Venters, Adams, and Bastardo who all put up excellent seasons as set-up men.

    • Kate says:

      Mike….Robertson is in the AL East and that makes life tougher with the way the Blue Jays, Red Sox and Rays hit.

      • Mike says:

        Kate, I have trouble believing that a set up pitcher who only threw to 272 batters in 66.2 innings this year would have his numbers so affected by the division he is in. He pitches one inning a game and if he is good should only face 3 to 4 batters a game. He is not a starter that will face all 9 starters.

        • Kate says:

          Well Mike, as we learned watching this postseason those 3 to 4 batters can mean the difference between winning and losing. The relief pitchers are vital to a team, and especially in the Ootober.

          • Mike says:

            You are right, but that changes nothing about my point here. It CAN be a huge difference or you can face the 7-8-9 batters. All I'm saying is when you pitch 60 innings a season the division you are in doesn't have that much sway on your stats. So don't make excuses why his numbers should be valued higher than the other exceptional set-up men in baseball.

  4. Tanned Tom says:

    Built to win this year? Not at all. This was Cashman buying time until the pitching prospects are ready. A rotation with Burnett, Garcia, Colon and Hughes in it is depending on hope to win in the post season.

    • Kate says:

      Yea but Tanned Tom the 2 teams in the WS have as bad, if not worse rotations than the Yankees. The Cards and Rangers are all about bullpen and slugging….just like the 2011 Yankees.

  5. Kate says:

    Henry… speak the truth and I completely agree!!!!

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