2011 New York Yankees: What Do May, June And # 28 Have In Common? 2011 New York Yankees: What Do May, June And # 28 Have In Common? 2011 New York Yankees: What Do May, June And # 28 Have In Common?

2011 New York Yankees: What Do May, June And # 28 Have In Common?

New York Yankees ace CC Sabathia earned his second win, as the team whacked the Chicago White Sox right out of the Bronx after Thursday night’s 12-3 win and spilting the four game set with Ozzie’s boys.

The Bombers have been cruising right along in April, and certainly earning their nickname leading the Majors with 41 homeruns. Just so you get how good a number that is, following behind the Yankees with 33 homers is the Texas Rangers, who have played three more games due to all the rain delays in New York.

The Yankees also lead in slugging percentage with .485; rank third in RBIs with 125; fifth in OBP posting a .335; fifth in runs with 126 and they are tied, with the Minnesota Twins for second to last in strikeouts with 145.

Look I am well aware that these are just April’s numbers, but something has to be said after all the negative pre-season talk surrounding the 2011 Yankees.

Having a bench of veteran All-Stars might be brilliant and I expect it to continue through the season because between Andruw Jones and Eric Chavez they have 16 Gold Gloves, two Silver Sluggers and appearing on the MVP ballot in nine seasons.

Sorry, I have even had enough of my new Brian Cashman fixation when in essence the man was just doing his job.

My point is that as fun as April has been and about to be was, in the next 24 hours the calendar will read May and looking at the Yankees schedule to say they will be tested is an understatement.

May gradually gets pretty tough, as the Yankees play a series against all four AL East teams, who all want to kill each other.

Then the Yanks hit the road three times to visit the Tigers, Rangers, squeeze in a Subway Series at home and end the month out West with three game sets against the A’s and Mariners.

The above is accurate, except the AL East series are scattered but all are happening in May.

Why am I bothering to recite the Yankees schedule, like some babbling idiot?

Well, have you looked over the Yankees schedule for May and June?

If your answer is YES, than you must understand exactly where I am coming from.

The months of May and June could very well decide the Yankees fate because the summer is going to be brutally hard.

Don’t think I am jumping the gun here.

In June the Yankees, like every other team, play four inter-league series and they will face the Cubs, Reds, Rockies and Brewers. All four are hot NL teams with pitching that the Yankees are entirely unacquainted with, which does NOT work in their favor.

Then throw in series against the Red Sox, Angels, Indians and Rangers before even wishing America a Happy Birthday.

So, now do you get what Do May, June And # 28 Have In Common?

Simply, that the next two months will prove a lot and it could end any hope of #28 in 2011.

Hey maybe this first month’s courteous start is officially over, but it surely doesn’t mean the honeymoon phase has to end.

Let’s go Yankees!!


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One Comment

  1. Uncle Mike says:

    You're being far too pessimistic. We are the Yankees, we fear nobody. Tough schedule? The teams that play us, THEY have a tough schedule!

    And by the way, stop calling a regular-season series against The Other Team a "Subway Series." I don't just mean "Don't capitalize it." A Subway Series is a World Series played between New York teams. It's only happened once in my lifetime, and probably also in yours (you certainly don't seem like you're at least 54 years old), and it will never, ever happen again, because it would require the Mutts to win a Pennant. That's even rarer than royal weddings!