2011 WS Rangers vs. Cardinals: Impartial Prediction 2011 WS Rangers vs. Cardinals: Impartial Prediction 2011 WS Rangers vs. Cardinals: Impartial Prediction

2011 WS Rangers vs. Cardinals: Impartial Prediction

The battle for the title of 2011 World Series Champion starts tonight, as the St. Louis Cardinals will duke it out with the Texas Rangers in a match-up that you won’t want to miss.

The only sure thing is the one team will be crowned the champs, while the other will join the long list of World Series meltdowns.

Before getting to my prediction, read my posts about the good, the bad and the ugly about both the RANGERS and the CARDINALS. (Click on team name to read previews.) Click HERE for TV schedule for all World Series games.

So, who do think has the upper hand in this battle royal?


On paper the Rangers have a slight edge over the Cardinals, but neither team has an overwhelming advantage over the other.

Both teams have gotten sub-par performances in the postseason thus far from their starting pitchers, so look for the team whose rotation steps it up to play a big part of the series.

Looking at the regular season numbers, the Rangers have better starting rotation, but not as much vs. the Cardinals. See, the strength of the Cardinals hitters is the long-ball and the Rangers starters have given up 16 of the team’s 20 home-runs this postseason, with six off Rangers ace CJ Wilson. Wilson only gave up 16 homers in the regular season, so they need a big start from him in Game 1.

The Cardinals fate hangs on the Game 1 performance of ace Chris Carpenter, who is now suffering from elbow soreness but says he is good to go, but what else is he going to say.

Since Game 1 is in St. Louis, it gives the Cardinals home field advantage to start this World Series. The Cardinals are slightly better defensively than Texas, and have a better bench.

While the Rangers have the edge in their starting rotation, as they feature three lefties, which could make it tougher for the Cardinals righty dominate bats to get going. This is pending on at least two of the three lefties kicking it up a notch.

Both teams have recent World Series experience, with the Cardinals making their third trip in the last eight years to the big show; while it is the second time in Rangers franchise history but in back-to back seasons.

Not being World Series virgins is a huge benefit for the Rangers. The Texas players know what to expect instead of going in blindfolded; and the experience of not winning last year could be a vital asset.

Still, the Cardinals knocked out the invincible Phillies and beat a tough Brew-Crew in their own house, which is still hard to comprehend.

You got to go straight from the gut with this World Series prediction…and my gut’s intuition is:

St. Louis Cardinals beat the Texas Rangers in six games.

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