2011 MLB Season: Top 9 Headlines After Two Weeks Of Drama 2011 MLB Season: Top 9 Headlines After Two Weeks Of Drama 2011 MLB Season: Top 9 Headlines After Two Weeks Of Drama

2011 MLB Season: Top 9 Headlines After Two Weeks Of Drama

It is hard to believe that the 2011 MLB season is only a tad over two weeks old, as the drama could be deemed season-worthy already.

What story-lines have really shocked baseball fans?

Here are the top 9 headlines (with my comments) that could make baseball worthy of it’s own soap opera, now that the MLB Network just aired baseball’s first official reality series. Please, click on the titles to go to the actual articles, trust me it is well worth it.

  1. A.J. Burnett Has More Wins Than the Boston Red Sox– Come on now, is it possible that every baseball expert on earth couldn’t have seen this one coming. Rethinking strategy? Next time watch what happens after “THE DECISION” before making one.
  2. Charlie Sheen to Red Sox fans: ‘Relax’ – Red Sox fans felt much better and finally could relax after hearing from the man who deemed himself the biggest winner ever, lives with goddesses and is the ultimate poster boy of why you should never touch drugs. Sheen says worries over, time to panic.
  3. Wait, WHO is Leading the Central??? – Is it possible that Royals and Indians will continue like this past April? Doubtful but these days crazier things have happened, like trading an entire team for A-rod would barely reduce salary at all?
  4. Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski Knock Baseball Smack-Talking Out of the Park– who are the AD Wizards that came up with this one? Thank you New Era!!!
  5. The 2011 New York Mets: They rearranged the deck chairs– is it possible that a team could get any worse? I guess Madoff involvement wasn’t rock bottom. Up next…. Mr. Met head gets knocked off and Manny Ramirez is inside?
  6. 2011 Walk Off Hits– everybody’s doing it, as the number of walk off wins so far is ridiculous. Can anyone say YEAR OF THE WALK OFFS?
  7. Showtime offers glimpse of new show featuring World Series-winning Giants– FYI HBO’s HARD KNOCKS ONLY films during pre-season camp. There was NEVER filming during the regular season, as once things started cameras were off. That bullshit ‘glimpse’ is a ploy to get the players to drop their inhibitions, my advice is be careful cause instead of being the less-talked about on the East Coast, you are going to become a joke too. If the 2010 Champs want East Coast attention REPEAT.
  8. Monday Morning Shortstop: The Colorado Rockies, Baseball’s Best Team?– No question that the Rockies are the best team so far, but by a lot. No distractions, all business was the message the Rockies spoke during Spring Training. The Rockies are walking the talk and making some noise among East Coast fans, aka. Yankee fans know you are coming to the Bronx soon and they can’t wait.
  9. This Time, Manny Is Fleeing MannyManny never loved baseball like baseball loved Manny. It was a sad day for the sport and not the way fans wanted to say goodbye.


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  1. Kim Rawks says:

    ha ha! Yup! Drama… intrigue… MLB 2011!