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MLB Hot Stove: Same City Different Uniform As Yankees Sign Mets Reliever

Reliever Pedro Feliciano is staying put in New York, but he will be sporting a different uniform. The life-long Met is leaving Queens to bring his talents to the Yankees. Feliciano is a 34-year-old lefty who inked an $8 million, two-year contract with an option for a third, to come over to the Bronx. Fans […]

New York Yankees: Theory On Plan B Signing Catcher Russell Martin

The New York Yankees have to divert whatever attention is left from all the Cliff Lee drama, but there is no denying the painful disappointment still lingers. Losing Kerry Wood to the Chicago Cubs was unexpected, but the signing of former Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Russell Martin gave the first ray of hope thus far […]

MLB Hot Stove: Bringing On “New York Heat” as the Yankees Sign Mark Prior

The New York Yankees have an abundant amount of money to spend after losing out on signing Cliff Lee, who went to the Philadelphia Phillies. All possible options will be tried, as cash is never short in New York and especially when the team is in need. Nobody puts Baby in the corner; not the […]

Cliff Lee Signs with the Philadelphia Phillies: A Bad Decision for Both Sides

Now, even Brett Favre can breathe again with free-agent ace Cliff Lee finally making a decision to sign with the Philadelphia Phillies. Favre is on a growing list of fans, athletes, sportscasters, beat writers, my doorman and pretty much anyone who reads the NY Post who were annoyed with Lee’s decision making of where he […]

MLB Hot Stove: Inside Scoop On Cliff Lee’s Decision

Wondering where ace Cliff Lee will be bring his talents in 2011? Here is the latest news. Last night while attending a Christmas party, I happen to be introduced to a man who went to college with Lee’s Arkansas neighbor and happens to be one of his closet friends. In asking what he had heard, […]

MLB Hot Stove: Cliff Lee the Key Factor in Yankee-Red Sox Battle for Supremacy

All the New York Yankee brass and fans can do is wait for ace Cliff Lee to make his decision. The Yankees need Lee, and anyone who doesn’t think so is living in denial. The recent acquisition of two lefties, Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez, by the Yankees rival in Boston, does make the Red […]