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Here Is A Bad Idea: Bartolo Colon In New York Yankee Pinstripes

The name Bartolo Colon and the New York Yankees should never be linked in a sentence again this offseason. Yes, Colon won the 2005 American League Cy Young Award, but that is not what resonates in my memory. Back in 2008, the Red Sox were the only team interested in signing the overweight pitcher, who […]

Going from Good To Great: Why the Yankees Need To Sign Rafael Soriano

I have mentioned this a few times already, but he is worth the attention again. Rafael Soriano is still a free agent, available and on the market. Whatever it is shocking considering he was the AL’s dominate closer in 2010 with the Tampa Bay Rays. Even before Cliff Lee’s decision, Soriano as a player would […]

NFL Week 16: Vick Becomes Human And Dogs The Giants Again

Philadelphia Eagles superhuman QB Michael Vick sure looked human tonight as his team lost 24-14 to the Minnesota Vikings, at home in Pennsylvania. Vick was in obvious pain against Minnesota, specifically Vikings Jared Allen who had his number all night long. After the embarrassment Vick single-handedly put on the Giants in Week 15, He just […]

Lady Loves Pinstripes Nominated For Ballhyped Sports Blog Of 2010

Lady Loves Pinstripes has been nominated for Ballhyped Sports Blog Of The Year. Surprised, but proud at the same time, Lady Loves Pinstripes is just one of 60 sports blogs on the final selection list. It is a privilege to be on this index with such outstanding blogs, even as a long shot to win. If […]

New York Yankees: What’s AJ Burnett Up To This Off-Season? He’s Fixing Himself.

This off-season, the New York Yankees‘ hopes of adding an additional pitcher fell through. True, pickings were slim, but with the seemingly impending retirement of Andy Pettitte, it didn’t make life any easier in the Bronx. The Yankees will turn to their starting three of CC Sabathia, Phil Hughes and AJ Burnett. In 2010, Sabathia […]

New York Yankees: Two Reasons To Be Afraid Of The Bronx Bombers In 2011

Change is scary and unsettling, especially when it is not by choice. The 2010 off-season did not work out the way the New York Yankees had hoped. The franchise heads into a New Year having failed to acquire ace Cliff Lee or any other highly sought free-agent players. Getting player’ to sing with the Yankees […]