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MLB: 2010 MVP Award Winners

Message To New York Yankees: It’s Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

Okay, so the New York Yankees contract negotiations regarding the big three of Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Cliff Lee are not going quote as fans had hoped. All the media hearsay and quotes coming from Yankee Camp has the Universe on edge. Some people, like myself have turned to inventing conspiracy theories to try […]

MLB: 2010 Cy Young Award Winners

New York Yankees: Pitching Coach Larry Rothschild And The AJ Burnett Test

Immediately following the World Series, the New York Yankees announced the termination of pitching coach Dave Eliand, which came as no surprise. There were many guessing games of who might be Eiland’s replacement. The front-runners looked to be current bullpen coach Mike Harkey; Rick Kranitz, who has worked with Yankees skipper Joe Girardi before; and […]

New York Yankees: Trying To Digest This Derek Jeter Mess

New York Yankee pinstripes are the only uniform Derek Jeter has worn in his professional baseball career. Over his 16 seasons in those pinstripes, Jeter maintained the shortstop position and for the last 11 years has been the team’s Captain. Jeter all-around made it easy to forget that he is actually human, but reality kicked […]

NFL: Brett Favre’s Privates Are Part of the Commissioner’s Conduct Policy

The NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy gives Commissioner Roger Goodell the right to suspend players for making bad decisions that reflect on the game. The policy defines this behavior as, “conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in the National Football League.” Commissioner Goodell’s line between acceptable or non-punishable to suspension seems very gray. […]