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New York Yankees vs. Texas Rangers: Pitching Prediction for A.J. Burnett

After splitting a series 2-2 with the Boston Red Sox, the New York Yankees head down south, deep in the heart of Texas, to face the Rangers. The Rangers have been at the mercy of the Yankees for over a decade, and this season has been no different, as the Bombers swept the Rangers in […]

Dustin Mosely Leads New York Yankees to Red Sox “Dustin”

On Sunday night the third game in a four game set between the New York Yankees and the arch-rival Boston Red Sox took place. Everyone was expecting to see Yankees’ starting pitcher AJ Burnett on the mound. So fans were puzzled when the screen in center field announced that Dustin Moseley would be facing the […]

Alex Rodriguez: Could Joe Buck’s Killer Wave Land A-Rod On DL?

Before Saturday’s game between the Yankees and the Boston Red Sox word spread Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez was sidelined. The news was true, Rodriguez was placed on day-to-day status. The announcement gave Yankees fans plenty of reason to worry, because anyone with a brain had the same thought….WTF? How did this happen to Rodriguez? […]

Note To AL East: Better Keep An Eye On The Toronto Blue Jays

Image via Wikipedia Right now, the team playing the best baseball in the AL East Division is without a doubt the Toronto Blue Jays. In the last week the Blue Jays won series against the two best teams in baseball; first they were in New York winning two of three against the Yankees, then headed […]

Yankees-Red Sox: Losing On Errors, Not Injuries, as Boston Wins, 6-3

The Boston Red Sox disabled list is long, but even impaired, this is a darn good ball club. Winning the first game against the Yankees proves the Red Sox are still in the mix in the AL East. Boston’s starting rotation is now all active and healthy, and they are ridiculously good. Red Sox ace […]

New York Yankees Vs. Boston Red Sox: Pitching Will Dictate Rivalry

With #600 now in the past, the New York Yankees are ready to take on their rivals, the Boston Red Sox. Boston has been hit hard with the unfortunate injury bug. Making the six and a half games the Red Sox need to catch the first place Yankees, who are tied with Tampa Bay Rays, […]