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Inter-League Soap Opera: Dodger Blue Vs. Yankee Pinstripes

With inter-league play concluding this weekend, the New York Yankees head into Dodger Stadium for three-games. An unfamiliar place, as the Bombers last visit was in 2004. The two franchises have a torrid history. They have faced each other 11 time in the World Series, the most recent dates back to 1981. On the other […]

Do You Remember 2007 When Joe Torre Was Our Hero

It felt like a heat wave in New York City on that October 8th night, back in 2007. Fans were funneling into Yankee Stadium extra early for Game 4 of the ALDS. The prior evening, I had watched my Yankees pull out a win to avoid getting swept. Which, was all thanks to a home […]

Sloppy Or Not A Win Helps The Yankees Stay On Top

Normalcy has finally returned to the AL East, as the Red Sox and Yankees are back in charge once again. Still, the AL East is as strong as ever.The Rays have been dethroned. The Blue Jays become a reality check. While, the Orioles are consistently getting worse. The AL East is not a conspiracy theory. […]

Vote Now To Help Make Yankees Nick Swisher An All-Star

YANKEES FANS NEEDED…..VOTE NOW to send Nick Swisher to 2010 All-Star Game. Nick Swisher has been a breath of fresh air since his arrival in the Bronx in 2009. Not only is he loved by his teammates, but an instant favorite amongst the New York Yankee fans. Swisher is always smiling when he takes the […]

MLB Blogger Rankings – Week 11

Lady Loves Pinstripes is one of six bloggers voting on Yardbarker’s Gillette Fusion MLB Rankings. Each week Lady Loves Pinstripes will rank all 30 MLB teams, along with the other five bloggers. All blogger’s rankings are averaged together for each weekly results. In addition, Lady Loves Pinstripes will comment on he AL WEST. The American […]

Lady Gaga Stay Away From Baseball

Lady Gaga, please stay away from baseball games and don’t come back to Yankee Stadium or Citi-Field again. Hasn’t she embarrassed her family and friends enough? Fondling herself and dressing with no pants at a Mets game, and then at a Yankees game is just impolite. Gaga seems to think this behavior is acceptable because […]