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MLB Blogger Rankings – Week 11

Lady Loves Pinstripes is one of six bloggers voting on Yardbarker’s Gillette Fusion MLB Rankings. Each week Lady Loves Pinstripes will rank all 30 MLB teams, along with the other five bloggers. All blogger’s rankings are averaged together for each weekly results. In addition, Lady Loves Pinstripes will comment on he AL WEST. The American […]

Lady Gaga Stay Away From Baseball

Lady Gaga, please stay away from baseball games and don’t come back to Yankee Stadium or Citi-Field again. Hasn’t she embarrassed her family and friends enough? Fondling herself and dressing with no pants at a Mets game, and then at a Yankees game is just impolite. Gaga seems to think this behavior is acceptable because […]

Yankees Lose To Diamondbacks But Who Cares

It is easy to forget about the Arizona Diamondbacks, as a fan of the New York Yankees who are an AL East team. The last time the two faced each other was back in 2007, at the old Yankee Stadium. Looking at the bigger picture, the D-backs pose no real threat to the Yankees, whose […]