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Yankees Are Falling Fast

Tonight, the Empire State Building will shine in orange and blue, as New York City belongs to the Mets and their fans after winning the Subway Series. It hurts to see the Yankees lose, as they are clearly struggling the last two weeks. It cannot be blamed on injuries anymore, as the team is not […]

Two Teams, Two Pitchers, One City

The Mets and Yankees are tied at one game each, making tonight’s game even more powerful. The Subway Series is more than just three games inter-league play, and it is only about winning a series, because the ego of New York City is on the line. It is a victory for the fans. Both the […]

Subway Series: Two Teams Who Are Totally Different

SUBWAY SERIES As one might expect, thinking about the New York Mets and New York Yankees is not exactly a fan’s field of dreams. The Yankees caught the injury bug; and the Mets are just being the Mets, if it is not one thing it is another. The normally anticipated Subway Series is starting tonight, […]

Rays Sweep But Yankees Not Gonna Weep

The Tampa Bay Rays are scary. The team is young, fast and has talent. The last two nights it was all Tampa Bay Rays, as they took both games in the Bronx. Are they better than the New York Yankees? When the Yanks are all well, my answer is no. Just a month ago down […]

The Drama Of Being Alex Rodriguez

Why am I even bringing up something that could hinder the New York Yankees? Call it paranoia, but it is  justifiable based on past experience. See, growing up in New York City I have learned the hard way that it is better to have the attitude….hope for the best, but expect the worst. It could […]

Yankees Did Not Lose They Got Beat

I was not a devoted fan tonight. I left the New York Yankees game in the seventh inning, as the Tampa Bay Rays were up 6-2 and Boone Logan was jogging to the mound. The Yankees looked tired. This does sound like an excuse, which it completely is but it is still a fact. The […]