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Robby Cano Don’t You Know Well Now You Do

Robinson Cano is a darn authentic baseball player, but after years the discussion of Cano’s promise to excel seems to be unfolding. Cano is leading baseball in hitting, with .407 avg, eight home-runs, five doubles, one triple, 17 RBI‘s and .444 OBP. To understand the importance of Cano’s impact, just compare Albert Pujols‘ stats, a […]

Part Two: American League Team Rankings

AMERICAN LEAGUE: New York Yankees – fact is media loves to hate the Bombers, but they seem to forget the fact that they beat the Rays two weeks ago. Sabathia almost had a no hitter at the Trop. Fact is Yankees are the reigning champs for a reason, and let me tell you this team […]

National League: Team Rankings Everybody Ought To Know

With baseball season in full swing, teams are starting to define their reputations. As the season progresses, teams will start to trip themselves up or find their footing again. Some teams will get that hail mary to get back up, and some might collapse like the Mets in 2007. Speaking of the Mets, lets rank* […]

Yankees Lose Because Cameron Diaz Sucks In The Sack

What is going on with Arod? And what’s up Girardi’s behind? Nobody really knows except Joe himself, but I do know the answer to the next question. How embarrassing is it to lose to the worst team in baseball? Just ask the reigning World Series Champs, who accomplished that tonight losing 5-4 to the Baltimore […]


After losing the first series to the Angels over the weekend, the New York Yankees are visiting President Obama at the White House today, the first ‘O’ of the trip. This is a regular stop for any World Series Championship team, and quite an honor to be the guests for the afternoon of the President. […]

Javier Vazquez Where Are You?

Today, Javier Vazquez had his fourth start against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. It was not pretty, it was sad to watch and Vazquez could not complete four innings. Clearly, Vazquez is not himself. Is he cursed in pinstripes? Could Yankees fans have gotten in his head? The answer is irrelevant as it is […]