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Baseball Basics: Watching A Game

Ok, it is time to learn the basics of what goes on in a baseball game, and to make it easier for the newbie it will be split into two posts, over two weeks. Part One will cover the bare bones about # of games, game break down and how a batter can get on base. THE SEASON […]

Javier Vazquez’s Chance To Make New Ending

The grand slam heard round the world during the 2004 ALCS, caused Yankees Universe to collapse. Unfairly, yet certainly that pitcher was blamed. Now that jar is back in the Bronx for a second time. That in a nutshell is Javier Vazquez‘s reality. Vazquez aquired from a trade with the Atlanta Braves for fan favorite […]

Baseball’s Back, So What Now?

2010 Spring Training is in full swing, and April 4th is so close you can taste it. So, what now? Or more like what’s next? Time to start the coulda, woulda, shoulda of predictions for the 2010 season. Here are four to ponder: The New York Mets will have a new manager before the All-Star […]

Player Profile: Robinson Jose Cano #24 2B

Robinson Jose Cano, who is named after baseball hero Jackie Robinson, was born in 1982, in the Dominican Republic. His father, Jose played baseball, signed by the Astros in 1980, but only played in a few major league games for the organization in 1989. Drafted by the Yankees in 2001, Cano has been the team’s […]

Baseball Basics: The Who, What, Where

BASEBALL BASICS WEEKLY QUESTION: Last season during the bottom of the second inning, one of my best friend’s cheered, “There is Derek Jeter! Go Jeter!” Except she was pointing at the catcher, Jorge Posada squatting behind home-plate. I asked her, “What position does Derek Jeter play?” She responds, “Hmmm shortstop, right?” To aide in times […]

Baseball Basics: Fans Starting From Scratch

WEEKLY QUESTION: How many MLB teams are there, and are the Yankees and Mets in the same division? Major League Baseball consists of 30 teams; 14 in the American League (AL), and 16 in the National League (NL). The two leagues are broken up into three divisions, EAST, CENTRAL and WEST. The Yankees and Mets […]