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2010 MLB Preview: The Two Beasts In The AL East

Since I reaffirmed, for the second season, just how scared I am of the Tampa Bay Rays in the prior post; it seems fitting to preview the two shoguns of the AL East. My New York Yankees, and our biggest rivals the Boston Red Sox. Yes, still have some smoke left for these two teams, […]

AL East: The Blindside

The American League East, already the toughest division in baseball, now has a blindside.  Meaning there is a team that could blindside the Yankees and Red Sox right out of the playoffs. This team could come on just as cold, as it could hot and don’t even realize the most powerful force is themselves. This […]

New York Yankees: Baseball’s Messiah

Before the end of Spring Training, it is worth checking out a Yankees game because you would hate to miss out. In seeing a youngster described as the ‘next Joe Mauer‘ and ‘best hitting prospect since Derek Jeter‘ by various scouts. This kid could be the future of the Yankees, but the earliest he will […]

Chamberlain And Hughes: Just Let The Boys Play

Joba Chamberlain‘s breakthrough is precisely what the Yankees had been waiting to see on Wednesday against Philadelphia Phillies. It was sink or swim for Joba, who pitched four strong innings to stay a float in the Yankees blood-and-guts position battle. Even though the Yanks lost 6-2, Joba finished throwing a total of only 48 pitches […]

Grading The Champs

As baseball season begins, all eyes are on the Yankees attempting to answer the ageless question. Are the defending champs strong enough to repeat? Let’s take a look: Line-up: The Yankees lead the league in both home-runs, with 244 and runs scored with 900 in 2009. Even with Matsui and Damon’s bats gone, the Yanks bats are still the […]

Tiger Woods: The Winner Who Was Never A Champion

On February 19th, the world stopped to listen to Tiger Woods. People wanted to see if he was genuinely concerned. Tiger owed us that, and whomever says it is a private matter is an idiot. Tiger is the most recognized athlete in the world, with genuine ability to praise. His marriage is between him, his […]