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Yankees Make History Right And Left

As Spring Training is wrapping-up, Joe Girardi still had yet to see one special youngster for himself. This phenomenon Yankees pitching prospect, Pat Venditte who is ambidextrous, successfully as able from with either arm. Venditte also has two entirely different deliveries, overhand from his right and 10 o’clock sidearm as a lefty. As a child […]

ESPN’s Baseball Machine Even Hates The Yankees

Finally, after winning the World Series there was no way Buster Olney and Tim Kurkjian could not predict the Yankees as the favorites in the AL East, and the team to beat. Well, ESPN Magazine’s Baseball Preview issue done  by the duo predicted that Boston Red Sox will win the division by four games over […]

Baseball Basics: Watching A Game, Part Two

Part two: Watching A Game, is to help the newbie fan with basic game lingo. It will come in handy especially when watching a game on TV or listening on the radio to start to understand the announcers jargon and relating it to whats going on in the game. BASEBALL’S BASIC LINGO: Bat: If you […]

Cashman’s Careless Comments Continue

It’s official, Phil Hughes earned himself the fifth spot in the New York Yankees rotation, sending Joba Chamberlain to the bullpen. Regardless, Yankees GM Brian Cashman couldn’t to shut-up for even a day that Joba still cold be a starter. No one wants to hear it anymore. Here are the facts: Mariano Rivera will be […]

Battle Of The Blogs

Double G Sports (check out his blog, it’s great) kindly invited me to join his fantasy baseball league “Battle Of The Blogs” and we just had our draft. It is a 20 team H2H (head to head) league on, with a six player keeper rule which means six players will carry over to next […]

Two Worries Of A Cocky Yankees Fan

The world saw the worst collapse in sports history take residence in Shea Stadium, in 2007, the pictures and tears brought city-wide shame. The Mets have been face first since, and the fans hate them for it. Jump to a few months later, when the scrappy Giants miraculously beat an undefeated Patriots to win the […]