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To Walk In A Mets Fan’s Shoes

Hearing and reading all the baseball predictions, I started to imagine what if I were a Mets fan. For the fourth straight season, the New York Mets are predicted to be contenders. Reports of players working extra hard this off-season give false hopes in the eyes of the disgruntled fans. Even Jose Reyes is ready […]

I’m Going To Mannyland

Manuel Aristides Ramirez Onelcida, also known as ‘Manny’, is a baseball player; who dominates sports headlines as the baggy pants, Bob Marley style dreadlocks ex-Red Sox turned LA Dodger outfielder. As a player, Manny’s stats are staggering, with 500+ home-runs, 21 grand-slams, 9 silver sluggers, 12 time all-star, holds the post-season home run record of […]

Damon's Detroit Dreams Come True

Johnny Damon is no longer a Yankee, at last Damon accepted a one-year, $8 million dollar contract from the Detroit Tigers. For Damon dreams came true, as we just learned that Detroit has always been Damon’s first choice. Even after the divorce with Red Sox Nation, the Yankees were his reinforcements after the Tigers. Sounds […]

Even In Sports, It Takes Two To Tango

The last few years, the sports world, has become its own Hollywood. Apologies for off-the-field behavior are getting more attention than the sports themselves. From a coach flicking the bird at the Pro-bowl, to the world’s biggest athlete admitting to sex affairs with hookers and prostitutes. These mishaps have been flooding media headlines everywhere. A […]

Can Joe Girardi Repeat In 2010?

Last season’s switching of Damon and Jeter in the line-up, gave the Yankees a one-two impact that was hands-down, the best in the league. Probably, the principal managerial choice of Joe Girardi made to date. It worked instantaneously, and made everyone wonder why Jeter had ever been in the second spot. Jeter’s consistency of getting on […]

Baseball’s Always On My Mind

Lady Loves Pinstripes will be back to daily blogging on February 19th, as recent elbow surgery has my right arm in a sling until the stitches come out. Baseball season is about to start and I could not be more thrilled with anticipation of a Yankee replication. Also, looking forward to seeing how are new additions feel to the team, along with […]