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Want To Know How Fast A Pro Athlete Earns Your Yearly Salary? Read More To Find Out…..

Have you ever wondered how quickly your favorite athlete earns your yearly salary? Click the link below and you can find out….it is definitely worth checking out. ESPN SALARY CRUNCH For example someone earning $150,000 a year, in comparison let’s see how fast New York Giant’s Quarterback Eli Manning makes that salary. .16 games 2.81 […]

Tiger Tiger On The Wall

Who would have could have guessed that Tiger Woods might be on the infamous steroid list? Not many because it would be almost impossible, but you never know. Tiger must realize that maintaining absolute silence, is an open door to presumptions. It makes hiding anything possible. One would think that Tiger realizes that he needs […]

Oh Roy, Oh Roy Will Be What Team’s Newest Toy

Rumors are swirling around the baseball world; about Toronto Blue Jays ace Roy Halladay. The possibilities of who, where and what it will take to get this stud are endless. WHO – is in the running? Any GM with a pulse is going to weigh options. This inevitably becomes Halladay’s decision as he has a […]

Hey Brian….It’s Time To Cash-In

With all the players enjoying well-deserved vacations, loyal fans wait anxiously to see what their team will do this off-season. Admittedly, this free-agent market is not too powerful. There is no CC or Tex out there, but the Yankees complete silence is starting to sound arrogant. What is the reluctance with signing Johnny Damon and […]


That’s exactly what the baseball world got today, with the declaration of the American League MVP today. The MVP justifiably went to Minnesota Twins Catcher, Joe Mauer. Mauer had superman-like stats this season, in addition to leading his team, in grabbing a late post-season spot. The Twins played in one of the most dramatic battles […]

The Yankees Want To Thank Their Haters Too

When the honorable opportunity to wear Yankee pinstripes as a player, it is more than just a career uniform. It is part of sports history that associates with distinction due to outstanding accomplishments. On top of that, to represent New York City; a platform that comes with strong expectations. Everyone wants to make it and […]