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The Yankees Dive Off A Cliff In Game One

Game one was all Cliff Lee. The Cy Young hero has his best stuff against the Yankees heavy line-up throwing 10 strikeouts and allowing zero walks. It was a tough loss for the Bombers and Lee’s former teammate CC Sabathia. Sabathia pitched well but not lights out. Without the bats helping out it was Lee’s […]

A Little Red Engine VS. Lucky #27

In just a few hours, the Yankees host Phillies in the first game of the 2009 World Series. Here is the pre-series preview: LITTLE RED ENGINE VS. LUCKY #27 The Phillies are the reining champs from 2008. For the franchise, winning back to back would be a first but the Phillies would be only the […]

Pitching Will Predict The Phillies Verdict

The Phillies are a terrific team, no doubt about it. Consistently performing at this high level to have another opportunity to win the championship says enough.The defending champions have everyone watching, learning and hopefully incorporating some of that swagger. When looking at the Phillies the players are the first a sense of teamwork and I […]

Dear Diary, My Mets……

David Wright’s Diary Entry 10-26-09 Dear Diary, It’s official my biggest nightmare has come true. On Sunday night around 11:30pm the Yankees beat the Angels in the ALCS filling the once empty bracket to play for the championship. Once again the Yankees are the best, New York’s favorite team, the best Captain in sports….blah, blah, […]


NEW YORK YANKEES ALCS CHAMPIONS 2009 The Yankees are heading to the World Series with the win against the Angels tonight. As a fan, I couldn’t be more excited and proud because this Yankee team deserves.  It has been awe inspiring with the teams constant hard work and never giving up attitude. This is a […]

WARNING: When Your Team Is In The Championships

Whether it is the NFL, a sibling on a varsity high school team or even a beer pong tournament entered by a pal at your local watering-hole there is always a championship at the end. At one time or another, most sports fans have a had a team make it to the championships. The team […]