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For The Yankees, Timing Is Everything

All teams slump during the baseball season at some point. Since the all-star break, the Yankees had been slump free losing games of course but winning series. The last two weeks the Yankees have struggled. The gap among first and second place in the AL East is getting scary smaller. The need is to win […]

“When Those Who Must Play, Can’t Play.”

The spotlight on Sunday was shining in three different directions. A new stadium, a team’s reputation on the line and a young pitcher who needed to shine. In essence all the same theme…..WIN, WIN, WIN!!! The perfect example of this is in a pre-game interview with Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones from this past Sunday. […]

3 Reality Checks That Reminded Me, The Yankees Are Human

Yankee fans remember playoffs as if it was light years ago that we had been involved. At the very least, a team good enough, excuse me great enough to be post-season worthy. Technically the Yanks only have missed October baseball one time, last season. But baseball fever is everywhere in NYC as if it is […]

The 3 Factors For How The Giants Beat Cowboys

The NFL season going into week two will answer a lot of questions for all teams. Will Sanchez play as well against the Pats? And can his performance be blamed on Coach Rex Ryan’s mouth? The great AD will be running against a struggling group of Lions; will records be broken? Will Trent Edwards listen […]

Dr. Seuss Must Have Been A Yankees Fan

“A champion is someone who gets up when he can’t.” – Dr. Seuss Wow, how the times can change. Looking back from last season to now, the Yankees are a completely different ball-club. With the post season so closely in their grips, their hard work and team spirit generates a vibe that is not fake […]

The Reasons It’s Time To Shut Up And Sit-Down