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Fate, Football, Fantasy and Two NFL Teams…..

Two NFL teams that fate in choices made will determine their success. One has added an aging star, while the other team has lost one. Both the impacts of the situations will play a great role for fantasy owners. Here are the plans laid out with what could happen and most likely will. The Minnesota […]

For Sale: Derek Sanderson Jeter

In Major League Baseball, the MVP award goes out at the end of the regulated season. It goes to the athlete who has stood out as being the most valuable, above all the rest. To an individual player, it is a huge accomplishment and honor considered being the elite in your field. Within baseball, two […]

The Yankees Are Just Tigers Waiting In The Woods

Could this really be the team to win #27? Should I keep my mouth shut as nothing in set in stone yet? Yes and yes. Let me tell you it is difficult as a Yankees fan to keep my excited subdued. How could anyone not look at this team in awe of the team spirit […]

Yankee Fans Ain't Going Out Like That: Yes, The Yanks Can Scare Their Fans

The Yanks are being described as unstoppable right now. Unstoppable is defined in the dictionary as incapable of being stopped or surpassed; unbeatable. That is the most unsettling term for a fan when the season has not finished or won the championship. I learned this from the fortunate perspective of being a huge New York […]

Fantasy Football Drafts: My Dream Team

Please click on the title of post above to view my most recent slide-show features on the Bleacher Report, about who I am looking to draft in my Fantasy League next week.  Would love to know what you think as I have sleepers and solid players, at least my hopes are high after all the […]

In Baseball The Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

This past week in baseball was full of drama. Division leaders are cemented their positions and the wild card races are heating up as teams scramble to make it a successful season. Let’s talk about my Yankees. To say a team is playing great and consistently would be referring to the New York Yankees. There […]