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Mitre Is Meger No More, As Yanks Slam The White Sox

Since becoming the fifth pitcher in the Yankee rotation, Sergio Mitre seemed to be the desperate fill that the team could afford to deal with. In the 10-0 hosing of the White Sox today is also the game that changed it all for Mitre. His sinkerball was sharp, causing the White Sox hitters to 13 […]

The MVP Award

The MVP Award is given out each year. The Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA), a professional association for baseball journalists, votes for the recipient. What qualities does a player have to have for the MVP? Is there actually defined criteria or rules that have to be incorporated? Shouldn’t the people who have baseball’s best […]

A Yankee Story: The Joba Saga

Joba, is the topic of the baseball world once again, today. What should the Yankees do? Maybe I stand alone by saying that I don’t think you should count Chamberlain out just yet. Here is my view on this special young man and his situation: – I think the “Joba Rules” have caused such a […]

The Yankees Biggest Problem, Solved!

Another game, another nail bitter for the Yanks tonight playing the heavy hitting Texas Rangers. It is starting to become almost surreal, win or lose the way this Yankee team fights till the end. Heck, watching the game I even gave-up when the scoreboard showed 5-10, bottom of the ninth. For all Yankee fans out […]

"Go Big Blue" (my fantasy football team)

Ok, my draft just ended and it was stressful the whole time. I ended up with a team that is pretty good. Would love any opinions or suggestions. One problem I might have is that I grabbed Carson Palmer in the later rounds, when reserve QB’s were being drafted. Yes, it might seem unbelievable and […]

MLB: This Seasons Surprises

The baseball season is coming into the last few weeks of the regular season. Playoff spots are about to be clinched and already some teams In the beginning of the season I thought of few things were almost a given to happen. Injuries, failed expectations are just some the issues to have caused expected and […]