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What It’s Like To Be A Baseball Fan During The “Steroid Era”

Dear Mr. Selig, I will get right to the point as this needs to be addressed immediately. What is going to be done about the “Steroid Era“? The whole thing is turning into a soap opera and it sure didn’t have too. Here are some points that are very on: The survey conducted by Major League Baseball in 2003 was […]

Three Quick Thoughts, Five Minutes Before Critical Tampa Series Starts

1. The Tampa Bay Rays seem to be creeping up. It has been a slow process but Joe Madden is making sure his team is in reach. My bet is that this young, talented ball club will pounce and it will happen fast. Lets not forget where the Yankees just were in the standings at […]

I Am A Proud Fan of The New York Yankees

So my question is why do we constantly get a reminder that the Yankees are the devil or anti-Christ of the sports world? And that Arod is a cheating, self-absorbed, Jeter obsessed, overpaid player who is the cancer of any team he plays on? Manny Ramirez is more popular than ever. Mark Maguire is still a hero in St. Louis. Jason Giambi is considered […]

5 Crazy Rants From A Die-hard Fan Yankees Fan About Being In 1st Place

PLEASE CLICK ON THIS POST’S TITLE ABOVE. YOU WILL BE REDIRECTED TO MY LATEST FEATURED ARTICLE (WITH A SLIDE SHOW) ON THE BLEACHER REPORT. ABOUT….The Bleacher Report Today, Bleacher Report is the world’s largest publisher of exclusively fan-generated sports reporting. Thousands of writers have decided to make the site their preferred platform for sharing opinions. […]

Yankees Trade: Kim Jones for Me?

I hate being so mean, but one of the most annoying parts about watching a Yanks game has to be hearing the YES Network‘s Kim Jones. In all honesty, I think her pre-game/post-game showcases and interviews are terrible. She wraps well with the guys in the booth but she doesn’t shed any perspective that keeps a viewer listening. I sometimes […]

From The Heart Of A True Yanks Fan: Just A Few Simple Thoughts

Wow! The second half could not be starting out much better then sweeping the Tigers and a walk-off by Matsui to beat the Orioles tonight. All around the Yankees look solid. Pitching seems to be straightening itself out as Joba pitched great last night. Now maybe he can prove all of us wrong. Joba used […]