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Yes I Will Cheer For The Red Sox…..

Do you ever remember a situation that was undeniably always fun to watch, unpredictably exciting, in complete awe of another person’s talent? Accompanied, unquestionably by the personality to match, liked by enemies and peers. The face of a nation greatest triumphs and all of a sudden this hero is not the same. It is as […]

Something $$ Can’t Buy…..

First off nice win today, even if it was walked in by the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays are the surprise of 09′. I was confident after last year that the Rays would be the team to beat this season. Young and talented were the adjectives everyone would associate with Tampa Bay. Evan Longoria is […]

Hooked On A Feeling…..

First place arouses everyone from the fans to the bat boys of the team at the top. Its a reminder why being the paramount, the peek at the mountain’s top that everyone is climbing towards and the reason a player became a pro just cause of a love for baseball in the first place. I guess that answers why […]

Finally Feels Like Home….

I will take Sunday’s loss as a merely losing 1 of 4 games in the series from the Indians. As I said before I believe that winning series is showing consistency which has been a mess for the Yanks the last few years. Nice win tonight, Mo looked great and Joba pitched like a starter […]