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Playing Against The Yankees In a Red Sox Nation….

  Tonight’s game was just was pretty uneventful except for the few minutes where the Yanks were actually losing to the worst team in baseball. I was actually joking earlier today with a friend that the Nationals would probably sweep the Yankees knowing how the Yankees luck was at a teetering point lately. Why would […]

Love At First Sight……The Highs and Lows of Being A Sports Fan!

Anyone who is a sport’s fan knows how it feels thrilling when your team wins. Its even better when your team has been predicted to be lucky to survive the season by experts alike but in turn you are celebrating winning the super-bowl, for example. I bet you guessed that I am referring to my […]

Dear Joe, The Time Has Come….

Dear Mr. Girardi, I am going to get right to the point and give you some suggestions. Please do not take this as an insult and I know most of the suggestions you have already thought of already. To be blunt watching the last two losses against Boston were beyond frustrating to watch. Very close games, […]

Attitude Reflect Leadership, Captain

He is the captain of all captains…. He was the USA captain; he is managers and players most respected player; he has 4 rings…these are just a few facts on Derek Jeter’s resume.  As a fan I look up to him. I walk head high, with a sense of arrogance because this man is my […]

Can’t We All Just Calm Down…..

Well the Yankees lost tonight 6-5. The team is a game out of first place, do I dare or for that matter, need to explain why I am so furious? I am going to state the obvious, so bare with me. It’s the Boston Red Sox. The Yankees came to Boston in first place, after […]

Dare I Even Blog To This…….

Wow did the Yankees ever waste my time tonight and I thought I was watching a different team. Pretty scary when you think about Yankees line-up of yesterday compared to what I witnessed tonight. As of the past 6-7 weeks the Yanks have been absolutely destroying teams in their way and good teams to back […]