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The word of the day….HIT!!

This is not a new problem for the Yankees….. just a fact that we are leaving our pitchers out to dry by not scoring runs and my pet peeve is when we leave runners on bases constantly, the last two seasons especially. I actually have hung out with Kevin Long a few times and he […]

Media = Pressure = Pinstripes….

Just a thought…….let me just say that the series starting against the Blue Jays tonight is critical for the Yankees. And I know that the media (ie. Post and Daily News) will remind us and if we do sweep the Blue Jays I bet Arod’s stripper would be an alternative cover “Stripper Speaks” or “Arod […]

Winning series….key to AL East

I always believe that baseball season is the hardest to predict. Obvious reasons being…..its a long season, injuries are frequent and all these players are top athletes so can break out at anytime. Everyone has different theories to why a team wins their division, world series etc. Well a mix of players and managers that […]

Now Manny……

Rumor has it another current, old teammate of Manny‘s will the next one on this list of all-stars. I heard this from my doorman so not going to tell you but he is BIG is all I can say. Funny how Senator Mitchell is on the board of the Red Sox and no players playing […]