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Is Kim Jones a Yankees Fan???

As I was watching the tonight’s game (another nice win!!) I had a flashback from the playoffs in the 2007 season. Envision this…the Yankees against the Indians in Cleveland, as they were the wild card team. It was right before the start of game one or two. My Yanks lost both games so what’s the […]

The Joba Rules.

What to do with Joba? Hopefully it will not cause a great deal of a divide between the team and between fans. Look, this is a serious debate and could be the reason the Yankees or the path of the rest of this season, so yes it’s ok to see both sides of the plate […]

Who’s The Boss Now Bitch

I am pretty sure that anything that has and can be done by just about anyone, unavoidably will catch the attention of a washed up celebrity (maybe child stars specifically). Who in turn will exploit a subject in order to feel like a star again (false confidence) and pay off all the debt they are in […]

Get The Hell Outta My Way…..

Once again its us and the Red Sox……this is baseball at its best again and it will be nasty!! Toronto has lost nine in a row, Tampa Bay has lost 4 in a row, Boston has lost its last two but surprise Baltimore has won its last four straight. I have said for three seasons […]

Miracles Do Happen….

Thank you to the Boston Red Sox……..for making my post so enjoyable to type and for saving me so much time!!! ‘Five Players That Make Me Cringe..Summed Into Just One!’ (other post title option) After my last off the topic remarks, specifically referring to the ‘one’ in the previous post before this one, I thought […]

The NL concept of ‘team’

Since inter league play has become more prevalent in the schedule, it is starting to become more competitive then in years past. The joke has always been the NL is not comparable to the AL. I used to think that meant the AL has better teams, more talented players which is false in a sense. […]